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Accommodation in Moscow

It is a well-known fact that Moscow hotels have one of the highest prices in the world. And each foreign tourist arriving in Moscow needs to decide “Where to stay?” From the one hand it is expensive, because even the cheapest hotel on the outskirts of the city will cost not less than 80-100 euro for one night. From the other hand it will be quite inconvenient to walk in the city center and see all the interesting places in Moscow living in the periphery.

Participating in the Russian language courses for foreigners our students receive the following advantages:

  • Accommodation in a single room in modern apartment shared with other students from the school.
  • All the apartments are located in comfortable Moscow residential areas with developed infrastructure.
  • The school can be easily reached in 30 minutes
  • All the apartments are situated in 5-10 minutes from the metro stations of the direct line to the school.
  • The cost of one week of accommodation will be from 158 to 190 euro depending on the type of the study program.

Providing students with high standards of accommodation at the Russian language courses is same important as the high quality of the Russian study Programs in Moscow. Our School carefully chooses the apartments for students to make their stay in Moscow pleasant and comfortable.

The combination of all these advantages with a good price distinguishes our choice as an exclusive offer in Moscow.