10 reasons for studying Russian

Every year, on June 6 we celebrate the Russian Language Day. June 6 is also the birthday Alexander Pushkin one of the most famous Russian poets and writers, who is consider being the farther of the modern Russian language.

The tradition of celebrating the Russian Language Day was established in terms of the United Nations program to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and promote multilingualism. As a result now we are celebrating 6 language days on the international level: English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and French.

In recent times the role of the Russian language keeps increasing in the business, geopolitical and economic fields. This fact opens new opportunities for those who command the language especially if taking into account its simplicity in comparison for example with Chinese.

Besides, Russian is one of the most melodic and euphonic languages on the planet. It is quite a please to speak it especially if reaching fluency.

There also are other significant reasons for learning Russian that deserve more careful look.

International communication

More than 300 million people from 15 countries speak Russian. In some of them Russian is the state or official language, used for all the legislative procedures. In the other it has separate official functions, for example to hold international negotiations, or plays the role of the second language for the majority of population.

Communication in the Internet

Russian is the second the most popular language in the Internet after English. More than 6% of the pages are written in Russian and the percentage keeps growing!

The language of the future

Analyzing the social networks activity and the usage of Wikipedia many researchers predict a significant role of Russian in the future. Now the main language of this field is obviously English, however the activity in Russian is getting more and more challenging.

Perceiving the culture

Ballet, theater, cinema, literature, music and painting are some of the fields where Russia created great traditions and it keeps giving to the world new geniuses. And the best way to deeply understand the cultural heritage of a nation is learning its language.

Career advantages

In many countries the specialists possessing Russian are quite rare while the demand is significantly high. This fact gives a significant advantage for those, who reached fluency or command the language on the advanced level.

Education in Russia

The command of Russian may allow entering one of the Russian universities and receiving a highly qualified education in the variety of spheres. A good opportunity can be obtained by participating in one of the international competitions in Russian. The winners have the right to enter one of the Russian universities without exams and study for free.

Business relations

Russia is one of the largest suppliers of natural recourses all over the world. The percentage of international companies on its territory is quite high and the command of the language is essential part of successful business relations.

Scientific research

The Russian language comes first in the number of scientific publications in the fields of chemistry, biology, physics, geology and mathematics.

Professional communications

Many specialists from various fields possess the Russian language. For example, professional chess players or ISS astronauts

New unforgettable experience

While studying Russian in Russia you may explore new destinations, make lifelong friendships and get new wonderful impressions that will turn to the precious memories and will accompany you for the whole life.