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Our school

The Ruslanguage School was founded in 1991 with the co-operation of the Moscow State University of Lomonosov (MSU). Its main goal is to develop and implement training programs of Russian language for foreigners, as well as to promote Russian culture around the world. Throughout almost 25 years the Ruslanguage School has provided language training to hundreds of demanding clients and has gathered outstanding experience to meet the needs of every particular student.

The school also participates in Russian language training programs held under interstate and inter-university agreements (ACTR, University of Tübingen, Tokai, Soka, James Madison, Columbia University, etc.)

Besides the organization of training programs for foreign students, the Ruslanguage School has prepared a number of professors and teachers from MSU for their participation in international conferences and seminars. In 1998, according to an agreement with the Italian Institute of Russian Language and Culture in Rome, MSU professors and teachers were chosen to animate conferences there. One of them was then awarded the International Prize of Dante Alighieri, one of the most prestigious European awards in Literature.

After 26 years of experience our School is now one of the foremost Centers of Russian language in Moscow. Every year students from more than 40 countries of the world choose Ruslanguage School because it is highly recommended by past and current students. Moreover, many students decide to prolong their studies in our School or come back again and again.