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Ruslanguage school advantages

On the basis of our experience we offer a wide choice of Programs to meet all learning needs. Every course is focused on enjoyable and effective learning. High professional standards in this field make our School one of the foremost specialized centers of teaching Russian as a foreign language in Moscow.

Our advantages:

  • Located in Moscow

If you want to come to Russia to learn or improve Russian language, Moscow is the ideal place:

  • It is the center of Russian business, economical and cultural life
  • A wide choice of cultural activities: places of interest, theaters, galleries, museums, shopping centers, etc.
  • Moscow is the heart of the international community of Russia
  • Our School is located in a quiet picturesque place, 25 min from the Kremlin
  • High standards of teaching Russian language
  • Location in 5 minutes walk from the metro station and in 7 minutes walk from the Kremlin
  • Individualized approaches tailored to all levels and special needs
  • Learning Russian language in friendly atmosphere
  • Well-equipped modern classrooms
  • Supervision of scholarly projects and research
  • Cooperation with Universities and educational centers abroad
  • Moscow State University teachers
  • Flexible study Programs
  • All levels: from beginner to advance
  • Group, individual or combined classes for your choice
  • Special courses for different professional needs
  • Preparation for all levels of the TORFL exam
  • Administration assistance of the school’s administration in all current issues
  • Accommodation in modern apartments
  • Free Wi-Fi access in the School and in the apartments.
  • Coffee-machine
  • Spacious lobby for students