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Study program

All our courses are designed to raise your command of Russian language to the highest possible level and to introduce basic knowledge of Russian culture and literature. This aim is achieved by varied teaching targeted to your objectives:

  • improve your initial knowledge and skills
  • systematic development of your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • extension of vocabulary, structure and usage
  • oral practice
  • improvement of pronunciation and intonation

Your knowledge and skills are developed by a wide variety of teaching and learning activities, exercises, and language games prepared by your tutors. The emphasis is on spoken Russian in the classroom, with opportunity to develop your writing skills by completing homework assignments within the scheduled program.

We aim not only to teach foreigner to speak Russian without mistakes, but also to communicate in Russian correctly. Our programs, based on research in the sphere of cultural studies and on modern life in Russia, will help you to have an understanding of the country, its people, their customs and manners. You will get acquainted with Russian literature, history, political background, fine art and daily life. Lectures in the classroom linked to exertions by common topics.

Main features of the program:

  • Duration of Study Program any number of weeks;
  • Study Program covers 20 ac/hrs per week in a Group (5-7, max 9 persons)
  • Timetable: Monday – Friday (9:00 – 12:40; 13:00 – 16:40) (4 working days in a week + 1 day off)
  • Group size: 5-7 students in one group (max 9 persons).

You can also combine Group classes with Individual lessons (from 3 to 10 academic hours additionally to the group studies).

One academic hour is 40 minutes.