Visa support

Visa support to Russia

In order to come to Russia, every foreign citizen needs to obtain the Russian visa. The Russian visa is issued in Russian Consulate in your country on the basis of the Invitation Letter.

Letter of Invitation is provided for the period of studies is prepared by the Russian Federal Migration Service within 3-4 weeks.

Letter of Invitation allows you to obtain Russian single-entry visa for the period of 3 months. If your program is more than 3 months, the visa will be prolonged for the further period of studies without leaving Moscow and become multi-entry. The prolongation is possible for the period up to one year.

When the Letter of Invitation is ready we will forward you its original by DHL express mail service. Russian Consulate will issue the Russian visa only if you give the original of your Letter of Invitation.

According to the rules of the Russian legislation foreign citizens who enter Russia must register their visa within the first 3 working days including the day of arrival. Being the inviting company our School is responsible for the visa registration of the students for whom we organize visa support. The student is obliged to come to our School office the next day after arrival to Russia to start registration process.

To start the process of visa support you need to send us: -

  • an on-line application form from our website
  • the scanned copy of the first page of your passport by e-mail to the following address: